I live in northern California with my beautiful wife Laurie and our amazing cat Chili. Our home sits on half an acre overlooking a wooded hillside that leads down to the marshes along the Petaluma River.

A pair of nesting red-shoulder hawks live in a pine tree looming above us, in uneasy truce with the finches, titmouses (titmice?), nuthatches, woodpeckers, quail, orioles and sparrows who cohabit nervously at varying distances from our feeders. Bobcats, raccoons, skunks and deer glide unobtrusively through our wild hillside grass and thistle, while visiting turkeys fly from our roof across the small, lush valley below.

Family and friends visit from time to time to sit with us on our back deck, as weather almost always allows, and savor wine with homemade meals. Music is sometimes created with guests and almost always listened to by musical heroes of ours.